With hundreds of cars passing thru the entrance of University Car wash everyday their parking lot was in need of rehabilitation. The owner of this lot made calls to several area companies only to find they would not service a car wash due to the chemicals used. A friend of the owner recommended they contact Surface Solutions to get another opinion. As with all things any challenge can be overcome if you willing to put forth the effort. Our team met with the owner’s representative and educated them on the concerns that all sealcoating companies have with car wash facilities. After reviewing our plan to properly rehabilitate the parking lot and the related cost Surface Solutions was awarded the contract. Our team started with a full cleaning of the lot including power washing and chemical removers to prepare the asphalt surface for sealing. The linear cracks were filled with a specialized hot asphalt sealer with the joints receiving a layer of sand immediately after to prevent the sealer from sticking to tires during the warm winter months. After allowing several days to properly dry and cure the entire area received two coats of asphalt emulsion sealer with special additives providing protection against the harsh chemicals used on a daily basis. Fast forward three years later and the facility still looks good for the amount of punishment the asphalt takes.